Elisha k, Cameroon’s New rising star in the Music Galaxy

After being signed to the Akumba Music record label, Elisha has delivered nothing short of quality music and good vibes to the audience. His first song under the label, titled “love me” featuring Rinyu, was a success at home and abroad. Recently, he released another song with a Rap icon, Mic Monsta titled “Do Not Disturb“.

Given the young artist’s unique voice and profound lyrics, it leaves no doubt that he is becoming a favourite, especially among young music lovers in Cameroon. Now, everyone wants to know: who’s Elisha K? Where does he come from? What inspired his music?

Elisha k was born in Limbe, to a family of Baba 1 native Ndop). He and his twin brother, Elijah, were raised in a God-fearing environment given that their parents were strong members of the Full Gospel Mission.

The 25year old Afrobeat singer’s church background laid the foundation of his love for music. He was a member of the church choir, which allowed him to train as an instrumentalist.  Even during his Secondary school days at Government High School Limbe, he excelled in music.

It was thanks to his musical prowess and undisputable mastery of the guitar that when Elisha crossed paths with visionary music label owner, Mr. Achu N., the latter could not help but notice the former.

Given the record label owner’s ability to recognise talent and potential, he found a promising music germ in Elisha. That is why since their first encounter in Douala, in 2019, he began requesting that Elisha should join Akumba Music. However, his requests were constantly met with a humble “No boss, I’m still working on my craft.”

It was not until 2023, that Elisha K answered yes to joining Akumba Music. 

Earlier this year, he released his debut song; love me under the label. This song, which featured one of Cameroon’s leading female artists with her phenomenal voice, Rinyu, has had over 290,000 views on YouTube. Not a bad start! Is it? 

After the release of this powerful hit by Akumba Music’s “Dream Pair” (Rinyu and Elisha K). 

Mr. Achu N promised “back-to-back” delivery of unique and outstanding hits from the newest member of the label.  To this promise, he is keeping true. This April, Elisha K just released another epic piece with rap icon, Mic Monsta, titled Do Not Disturb” 

As of now, “The basic building block” of the new school Afrobeat, Elisha K has no awards. However, so far so good his music career looks nothing but promising. It is doubtless that with such consistency, skill, vocal timbre, and mindset, awards are just a couple of hits away for Elisha K.


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