Lynn’s Fate, the new best thing in Cameroon’s Film Industry

Movie premiere is this Sunday!!

Who is the girl screaming at the man who doesn’t want to take responsibility for her pregnancy?

A few minutes later, the man is found dead in the room of an innocent student.

Will the student be a victim of circumstance? Or will he defy the odds of fate?

Find out how Lynn and his friends plan to get rid of the corpse. Will they succeed?

Will the real criminal be caught?

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Lynn’s Fate has a host of debuting actors who however are not newbies in Cameroon’s entertainment industry.

Some of such actors are ;

a) Loïc Sumnfor

Aka Mr. Perfect is an artist popularly known for his songs “Perfect” and “déjà-vu”.

He is a favorite amongst Cameroonian youths because of his unique style, deep lyrics, and outstanding vocal timbre.

Won’t you want to find out if his acting is as good as his singing?

b) Phido

Like Loïc, Phido is a musician. However, he focuses on rap. His song “5star” which has an enticing rhyme scheme, and Lyrics with which anyone can easily identify himself or herself, is a popular TikTok sensation in Cameroon.

Is Phido bringing a “5-star act to the movie?😂

c) King Pacco

King Pacco is an award-winning model. In Cameroon’s growing modelling industry, he’s one of the who becoming a who. The young charismatic, talented, handsome dedicated model, is applauded for his selflessness and coaching skills.

Does he have acting skills to back up the pretty face? Lynn’s Fate will tell.

d) Roy Ntinwa

Roy plays the role of Lynn in the movie and also doubles as the Producer of the movie.

As a comedian with Amabo Comedy, can Roy take life seriously? Lynn’s role is the principal in this movie.

Find out how someone who makes people laugh for a living, plays such a serious role.

e) T-Robin and L’hormi 7

The cast of Lynn’s fate is an un peu de tout👌

Even Bambili Rap battle légende, T-ROBIN and L’hormi 7 are not left out.

What’s the relationship between a rap battle and a mysterious murder case?🤔

The cast is too rich to be exhausted here. But one thing is for sure, this cast is a rare very “hawwwwt” blend.

I’m curious about this movie, are you,? Don’t miss the movie’s premier on the 14th of May at BAMCCUL Hall, Bambili. (Contact; 683401043, for tickets)


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  1. Avatar

    Roy Ntinwa

    May 11, 2023

    This is a great write up. Thank you for it. We’re coming 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Avatar

    Afianwie Jerry

    May 11, 2023

    How will the movie be released?

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