Only 17 Slots Open for Registration into Miss Fashion Festival 2023!

The prestigious annual beauty pageant, Miss Fashion Festival Africa (MFFA) is now open for registration into the 2023 phase of the contest.


Miss Fashion Festival Africa is a beauty pageant which was introduced in Cameroon in the year 2019, by Prisco Diko. The pageant is branded COMIFFA, (Committee of Miss Fashion Festival Africa). As implied by the brand name, it is led by a group of carefully selected previous years’ winners. The COMIFFA brand operates under an umbrella organization called Shosa Empire.

What makes MFFA stand out amongst other beauty contests is it’s watchwords ; “Empowerment, Intelligence, Leadership and Diversity. That is why, contestants for the MFFA crown are not only expected to be beauties with brain, but are also required to be morally upright, responsibility, proud of their culture, patriotic and open-minded.

Like all competitions, the winners of the MFFA are awarded prices. Usually, these prices go to the top 3finalists.

The awards are in the form of cash, laptops, iPads, and other didactic material. Miss Fashion Festival Africa’s contestants and finalists are expected to use the training and experience during the pageant as a springboard to the Miss Cameroon Contest and other esteemed national and international beauty pageants. 


To register, you should;

1. Be located in any African country

2. Be fluent in English, French and or Spanish

3. Be of height 1.60cm

4. Must fill a registration form

5. Be willing to travel

6. Able to work under pressure

7. Be ready to go public


Having fulfilled the registration requirements, each participant is expected to do her best in order to impress the panel of judges.  (Image of judges).

Contestants will be handed batches for campaign as well as contestant numbers. 

They are expected to carry out a three minute presentation of their project, in front of the panel of judges and a life audience.

Contestants compete against each other infront of the judges and an online public monetary vote. 

The winners will receive the cash prices within 24hours of the award ceremony. The rest of the benefits will be handed depending on winners’ consistency. 

Take note that the COMIFFA follows up winners to ensure that the funds received as cash prices are carefully used to implement the projects which they presented during the event.


Miss Veren Marie Kinyuy, or VMK, as she’s popular called in the modelling industry came in second place in last year’s competition.

She explains that Miss Fashion Festival Africa was a golden opportunity. “The show was fantastic; my world is more bright and beautiful because of you all. Thank you thank you once again. MFFA Platform has empowered me a lot, I’ve become a bigger and better version of myself.  Thanks too for the exposure. I’ve also been able to build my self-esteem, I’ve really become a better version of myself all thanks to COMIFFA,” Veren writes.

 Here is what she has to tell potential contestants, “A little advice I have for those who are interested in contesting for the MFFA CROWN 👑 IS Always believe in your self and do you cuz you are unique, strong, beautiful.”


The young dynamic brain behind MFFA says that this pageant is not just about fashion and beauty. It’s a community outreach and solution program.

This year’s MFFA will be better than last year’s. “The event will be more competitive, you must be ready to go public and you must have a visible project that can be executed,” the boss says.

MFFA 2023 will have; inhouse dance competitions, singing competitions, free pastry training, longer campaign periods and other mind jogging activities.

This is definitely going to be a must attend event!!! 


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