Every woman wants assurance in her relationship with the opposite sex. This is something that relationship experts continue to insist on. Even the much celebrated African-American Tv presenter, Steve Harvey lays emphasis on this his #bestseller book, Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man; every woman wants to feel secure with her man. It therefore goes without doubt why Cameroonian Afro-beats artist Elisha K’s new song is making hit waves amongst females in and out of the country.

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The song titled “I CHOOSE YOU” is a single which can be described as a musical representation of every lady’s dream relationship. The single whose official audio was released on all audio platforms on the 1 is now also available on YouTube (link) since 4days ago, and has recorded over 8.9k views so far. Such a number of views within such a brief period is a highly commendable for an artist who is only beginning to gain grounds in the Cameroon music scene.  It is also proof that the visionary Cameroonian music label boss, Achu N. of Akumba Music did not make a mistake by signing Elisha K.

The Afro-beat singer is staying true to the Akumba Music legacy of staying unique and original. This is evident as he maintains his peculiar music style and also skillfully incorporates Cameroonian- pidgin English in to his rhyming song verses as in the lines;

“ …I tell them, tell them say na you I choose,

Oh, I choose you, the one I no want lose,” (from “I CHOOSE YOU”)

 When one listens to this hit, it brings about craving for a long-lost love, or the desire to be in love and to be loved in return. The general reaction of the female audience of this song is “God when…?”  The lyrics of this song are indeed deep and touching, and again accompanied with the outstanding vocal timbre of Elisha K will have you playing the song on repeat.

In “I CHOOSE YOU,” Elisha K accomplishes what only few artists can; crafting music that an audience can listen to and a song they can dance to. Not very many songs have meaning and melody at the same time. It is even more intriguing that, Elisha K, under his pseudonym, ‘Khaos’, also doubles as the producer of this powerful piece of art. This song is part of his soon to be released EP titled “Days of Elisha”. While anticipating the release of this album, you can stream “I CHOOSE YOU” on any audio platform of your choice.

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