Joel Embiid lifts 2022/2023 NBA MVP trophy

On May 2nd, 2023, Joel Embiid was presented with the coveted NBA MVP trophy. Embiid, who hails from Cameroon, has been playing basketball for over a decade now. It was a momentous occasion for both Embiid and his fans, who have been following his journey since he first stepped onto the court. As the ceremony […]


Elisha k, Cameroon’s New rising star in the Music Galaxy

After being signed to the Akumba Music record label, Elisha has delivered nothing short of quality music and good vibes to the audience. His first song under the label, titled “love me” featuring Rinyu, was a success at home and abroad. Recently, he released another song with a Rap icon, Mic Monsta titled “Do Not […]

JeBoulot Une solution Tech

JeBoulot : une solution pour les petites entreprises qui ont des difficultés à trouver des travailleurs abordables et qualifiés

  • April 16, 2023

Selon le Ministère des petites et moyennes entreprises, de l’économie sociale et de l’artisanat, environ 60% des petites entreprises au Cameroun échouent à la fin de leur première année. C’est une statistique stupéfiante, et c’est celle que tous les propriétaires de petites entreprises camerounaises devraient connaître. Mais qu’est-ce qui fait échouer ces petites entreprises ? […]


Ten Cameroonian artists to watch out for this year

The Cameroonian music industry is experiencing a revolution as upcoming artists showcase their immense talent and creativity. We have compiled a list of ten of the most promising artists who are set to take the industry by storm this year 2023, in no particular order: 1. LIBIANCA After Libianca’s song “People” went viral on TikTok […]

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